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This manual is, however, tutorial in nature. Thus, the reader is granted permission to include the example programs, either in whole or in part, in his own programs.


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The CP/M Operating System Manual was printed in the United States of America.

First Edition: 1976
Second Edition: July 1982
Third Edition: September 1983

Table of Contents

1 - CP/M Features and Facilities
2 - ED
3 - CP/M Assembler
4 - CP/M Dynamic Debugging Tool
5 - CP/M 2 System Interface
6 - CP/M Alteration


A - The MDS Basic I/O System (BIOS)
B - A Skeletal CBIOS
C - A Skeletal GETSYS/PUTSYS Program
D - The MDS-800 Cold Start Loader for CP/M 2
E - A Skeletal Cold Start Loader
F - CP/M Disk Definition Library
G - Blocking and Deblocking Algorithms
H - Glossary
I - CP/M Messages

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